Ron Graham Archives

After Ron Graham passed away, arrangements were made to have the bulk of his mathematical library, hundreds of folders with hand-written notes, large collection of letters, awards/honors, and various other objects (e.g. juggling balls, Rubik's cubes, card decks, Penrose tiles, and mathematical sculptures) shipped to Ames, Iowa.

Ron Graham was an avid collector of books and had an extensive library of discrete math, popular math, number theory, and many other mathematical and non-mathematical subjects. The extensive amount of books significantly contributed to the weight of the shipment (in total, approximately 6000 pounds of materials were shipped).

These items are now maintained by Steve Butler in what he warmly refers to as the Ron Graham archives (midwest). Over the next few years the files will be examined and, where appropriate, scanned and shared online. Many unfinished problems, and conjectures are contained inside these documents, and so the work of Ron Graham will continue for some time to come.